F-111 Makes Emergency Wheels Up Landing

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Hook Down - RAAF Photos

[18 July 2006] A rookie pilot and a navigator who landed their stricken F-111 on its belly after losing a wheel on takeoff say the emergency has boosted their confidence in the ageing strike fighters. The pilot, Flying Officer Peter Komar, 29, and navigator Flight Lieutenant Luke Warner, 32, made the dramatic emergency landing at the RAAF Amberley Base west of Brisbane, ending a tense, three hour midair emergency. As the disabled jet came down, a hook picked up a cable that helped bring it to a halt, creating a plume of sparks as it slid on its belly along the tarmac....[story ninemsn]
The F-111 fleet returned to flying status within a week.

25 July 2006

Belly Landing

More of Ronald Wong's artwork within...Ronald Wong

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It is with regret that
F-111.net announces the passing of one of the pioneers of F-111 operations, Col Ivan Dethman (Ret).
Col Ike Dethman was the charismatic Commander of Det 1 428th TFS which, in 1968, deployed to RTAFB Tahkli (Thailand) for COMBAT LANCER, the first combat operations for the F-111 in the Viet Nam war. Further details on the Remembrances page.

(from Australian News.com.au 23 Mar 06). THE North Korean freighter used to smuggle 150kg of heroin into Australia three years ago now rests on the ocean's bottom, after being destroyed by a pair of laser-guided bombs. Four F-111 strike bombers flying from RAAF Amberley in Queensland proved dead on target as the 3500-tonne freighter drifted 140km off Jervis Bay this morning. Two 800kg (2000lbs) precision guided bombs struck the Pong Su's hull with massive blasts, showering debris over a wide area. The vessel sank quickly into deep water. The Pong Su was seized off the New South Wales coast in April 2003 after a four-day chase involving Australian soldiers, police and Customs officers after it was spotted dropping a cargo of drugs along the Victorian ....

SINKING SENDS STRONG MESSAGE: Ruddock(from abc.net.au 23 Mar 06)25 Mar 06 VIDEO HEREfrom ABC News). Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says the sinking of the North Korean ship, the Pong Su, shows there is a high price to pay for shipping drugs into Australia. The Pong Su was seized by the Federal Police in 2003 carrying 125 kilograms of heroin. An Air Force F-111 today bombed the vessel, sending it to the bottom of the ocean, 140 kilometres off the south coast of New South Wales. Mr Ruddock says this sends a clear message to people involved in transporting drugs. "That there are potentially very significant costs not only in terms of sentences that people might be committed to, but also the forfeiture of the proceeds of any crime and the forfeiture and destruction of vessels that are used to transport such goods to Australia," he said. Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty also says the sinking of the Pong Su sends a strong message to criminals who may try to smuggle illegal drugs into Australia. ...
Bill Hamilton
It is with regret that F-111.net advises of the passing of another F-111 Veteran of SEA. Bill 'Wimpy' Hamilton was reported to have succumbed to a brief liver illness and passed away on the weekend. Bill was aged 64.

Brian 'Krash' Krajniak
It is with regret that F-111.net advises of the passing of a Desert Storm Veteran and “Raven keeper” Brian L. "Krash" Krajniak, 46 of Mountain Home, Idaho, passed away on Saturday, April 1, 2006, at a Boise hospital. Funeral Services will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 2 p.m. at Rost Funeral Home, McMurtrey Chapel in Mountain Home, Idaho. “Krash” served with the 390th ECS at Ta’If AB, Saudi Arabia, and Incirlik AB, Turkey while deployed with the 366th TFW / 390th ECS, Mtn Home AFB, Idaho, During Operation Desert Storm and Operation Provide Comfort.
Condolences to his family can be written to Brian’s Guest Book

'COL Lynn Lovegren' F-111.net regrets to advise of the passing of COL Lynn Lovegrenn, an ex-F-111A radar navigator/WSO who saw combat in SEA. COL Lovegrnn's obituary can be found here. (Thanks to Bob & Ginny Bragaw for the notice, 3 Oct 05).

'Buy a Brick' for the 8th AFB Barksdale Museum. Update to Museums Page. (21 Aug 05)

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Another Aussie DoD F-111 Video
(3.8MB mpg)

(from Australian DoD Press Release). Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fighter jet aviators and their Air Combat Group colleagues have taken off for the United States of America for advanced training at one of the world's best tactical combat training facilities as part of Exercise Red Flag 06.

F-111s Flying at Nellis Once Again. RAAF F/A-18s and F-111s have arrived at Nellis AFB for RED FLAG (22 Oct 04). Photos wanted!!

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F-111 Deseal Reseal Report Released by the Australian Defence Force - Study of Health Outcomes in Aircraft Maintenance Personnel. "The results of the Health Study point to an association between exposure to chemicals used in the F-111 Deseal/Reseal programs and a number of adverse health outcomes presenting in some personnel who were involved in these programs." Link to Report (27 Oct 04).

BERYLLIUM ISSUES Please refer to the Australian DoD website on Beryllium Issues. (10 May 06).

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