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Welcome back to F-111.net with a new look. After 7 years in storage, the website dedicated to the General Dynamics F-111 is back online. Just like any major overhaul, some fine tuning may be required. This is the place to learn about the F-111and its variants, except for the FB-111A and Gs which you will find on our companion site. From its early days of testing and combat operations to its final days and retirement to the Boneyard. You will find photo galleries as well. You will learn about the Royal Australian Air Force F-111s in service. The RAAF was the only foreign operator with the F-111C and F-111G. Please, feel free to contact us with your comments at the bottom of its page. You can also find us on Facebook with the logo on this page. Hoping you will enjoy your visit and any contributions to the site is more than welcome. 

Please, check back for updates!  last one on 16-01-2021.

F-111 Memorial, National Museum of the United States Air Force

Welcome to the Foundation website. Our goal is to design, construct, and donate an F/FB/EF-111 aircraft memorial to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which acknowledges the units that operated the Vark/Raven, and those who flew, maintained, and supported the jet.

General Dynamics F-111 history

The General Dynamics F-111 was one of the most controversial aircraft that ever flew. Perhaps no other aircraft before or since has been so bitterly criticized in the media. It suffered a protracted development cycle in which numerous serious problems had to be identified and repaired, and cost overruns came to be a serious concern.

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F-111s in museums and gate guards

This page aims to give credit to all the dedicated people who help to preserve F-111 aircraft of all models throughout the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia

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Aardvark in AMARG

The Aircraft Maintenance And Regeneration Center (AMARC), also known as "The Boneyard" was the resting place of most of the remaining F-111s.

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While there have been hundreds of contributors to F-111.net during the years since it's inception, some individuals must be mentioned in particular for their time and efforts. These people include (in alphabetical order): Joe Arnold, Joe Baugher, Steve Bosang, David de Botton, Philippe Colin, Peter Davies, David Dixon, John Freedman, Ad De Graaff, Steve Hyre, Mike Kaplan, Carlo Kopp, Curt Lenz, Doug Loeffler, Don Logan, Cedric Mitchell, David Riddel, Jim Rotramel, Robert Styger, Tony Thornborough, Stephen Thrum and Annie Waite. Of course, many thanks to all the photographers and others who agreed to share their work on this site.