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Gulf War Chronology
Air Power Australia
Dr Carlo Kopp ( JDAM ) ( Desert Storm ) (massive articles on Desrert Storm from ( interesting )
PEASE AFB - 509th website, great website by James R. Bonno KC10 Chief
Flight Simulation - excellant website !!
Eric"Aeyes"de Best
some great RAAF skins in old camo

Kane Milne
Awesome F-111 images & movie file
Flight Sim Movie files
Aviation History in Texas
F-111 curser
George Spangenberg -- FASCINATING WEBSITE

F-111A touch down-Tahkli
RAAF Base Amberley
Cold Proof Test
From 'Safe Life' to Fracture Mechanics - F111 Aircraft Cold Temperature Proof Testing at RAAF Amberley.
Boeing & the F-111C
Exercise Pitch Black 2004 - 8 MB F-111 mpeg file C & G model "afterburner"
F-111 slides for sale logo Philippe Colin has a brilliant website named FB-111A Switchblade.
For any detailed information about the FB-111A, this is the first place to visit


Alpha Simulations
Brilliant 3d skins for flight F-111 simulation "FS 2002 FS 2004 only"
- 3 model variants included, FB-111A, F-111F (plus F with Pavetack fit), F-111G (incl. one 'clean' G)
- 7 high-detail, texture sets :
FB-111A - "Spirit of the Seacoast", "Sleepy Time Gal", "Net Results", "Strange Cargo" (Tiger Meet '87)
F-111F - "Miss Liberty II"
F-111G - "Boneyard Wrangler", "6th sqn 60th anniversary"
M any animations, incl. :fully animated swing wing with leading edge slats, flaps and 'gloves' (flap key)
animated jetpipe nozzles
opening cockpit hatches (shift-e)
main ventral speed brake (/-key)
wing spoilers (normally F (wingfold))
tailhook and tailhook hatch doors (normally T)
refuelling receptor (Concorde visor, C & V)
opening bomb bay (shift-w)
animated Pavetack head on F model (shift-w) -
many more skinshave recently become available
(September 2004)

Sharp Shooters    -----  A brilliant & detailed website by Peter Greengrass

Dr Carlo Kopp 
Dr Carlo Kopp is a Defence Analyst and prolific writer in Melbourne Australia. He has many articles at his site , some of which are republished here. Carlo's comprehensive article on the Avionics Update Programme (AUP) as well as his significant research on GPS muntions are now HERE. Also available is his 'Authors Profile' .

See many of Carlo's articles at

Baugher Joe Baugher's complete essay on the F-111(76K) very impressive!! Backup copy here.
Strike Publications

has produced a new magazine called AIRFORCE TODAY which contains many photos and stories of the RAAF, USAF and other air forces.

 Jonathan Sayers has a new site on the history of RAF Greenham Common (which was temporarily used in 1976 by USAFE F-111Es while the runway at Upper Heyford was relayed).
Jets Press Publishing
By Mechanics, for everyone - about Jets

Jets Press is a publisher of work written by fighter aircraft mechanics. One Desert Jet Turner, their first title, is the diary of a Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV, crew chief and is available exclusively from the Jets Press website.
Jets Press; P.O. Box 260088; Bellerose, NY 11426-0088 -

Fighter Tactics Magazine  A full colour air-to-air photo magazine.  Excellent images from around the world!!


TACT and AFTI: A few images from NASA of experimental F-111 aircraft

Air Seek
  USAF F-111 Factsheetand EF-111A Factsheet & another page on the F-111.
Keith Smith maintains a few sounds and images he has recorded at various Australian Airshows.
 Ray Wiseman (ex FB-111A avionics at Pease AFB) is starting a web page ( for the ex-F-111 ATS troops. Ray is after any information. - This website is currently unavailable until furtjher notice (24th 07-2004)
USAF Museum Have a look at the museum at for a picture of the escape module. - Regret to say the website is rather dissapointing, possibly done in the ealy 90's !!
DFCS Digital Flight Controls are discussed at
  Some info and two good images are at
  A short history is at
  If you are in the United States, is a very useful service to find preserved F-111's on display.
FAS Federation of American Scientists has a concise site with good images.
USAF Photographer MSgt Dave Nolan and his colleagues have many official F-111 photographs available at
Just search at the site for F-111
Herb Myer Images at Herb Meyr's site at
Herb flew the F-111 from 1969 to 1984 (3200hrs).
 A New Zealand site showing some images of RAAF F-111s at a recent airshow.
  20th FW website:
Takhli RTAFB Takhli RTAFB site maintained by an USAF ex-serviceman.
The Tahkli Roster
A place to contact old friends who were at Tahkli RTAFB in the late 60's & early to mid 70's
Military Aviation Photographing Military Aviation Photographing - Eddy de Kruijff RAAF Technical Liaison Office Hill AFB
Some good F-111 Images - For proffessional photographers selling there images, allot of brilliant F / EF / FB - 111 high resolution images
B58 - Hustler Not actually a F-111 site, but the B-58 Hustler site written by ex-Navigator BJ Brown is well worth a look.
The Goletta Air & Space Museum - Brian Lockett has created a huge & remarkable website
F-111 images
20th TFW Images
Cockpit images gallery & more general aircaft
Pease AFB - 509th OMS
by Jim Bonno

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