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Last Updated 17 April, 2004

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This new page aims to give credit to all the dedicated people who help to preserve F-111 aircraft of all models throughout the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia
Please email to list F-111 components required for your restoration project.
8th Air Force Museum
Barksdale AFB 
P.O. Box 10 
Barksdale AFB 
68-019 reconfigured as FB-111A 68-0284

McClellan Aviation Museum
McClellan AFB,
Sacramento, CA 
P.O. Box 553 
North Highlands; California, 95660; 916-643-3192 
69-159 used for FB development still has intake splitter plates, early tail section.
 FB-111A 67-159
 FB-111A 67-159
Training module also
Pete Fleming
via Bill Kessler

Cannon AFB
Clovis, NM 
New Mexico 

F-111A 63-9771
EF-111A 66-0016
F-111D 68-0140
F-111F 70-2364
Steve Hyre
Bill Spidle
labelled 72364Portales
N34 23.998
W103 19.158
N34 24.046
W103 19.203
N34 24.244
W103 14.751
N34 10.876
W103 20.733

Wright Patterson AFB
Dayton, Ohio 
USAF Museum 
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 
45433-0001; 513-255-3286 
See 70-2390 images gallery
See 66-0057 images gallery
F-111A 67-0067
F-111A 67-0067
Nicole Van Natter
474th TFW
Pre Production

USAF Armament Museum
Eglin AFB 
100 Museum Dr 
Elgin Air Force Base 
32542-1405 ,904-882-4062

Greg Stansbery
F-111E 68-0058

Air Force Flight Test Center Museum,
Edwards AFB 
95 ABW/MU, 405 S.
Rosamond Blvd.,
Edwards AFB, CA 93524-1032, 
Phone: (661) 277-8050 
TACT/AFTI 63-9778 
Scott Schweger
First F-111

Majove Desert
EF111A - scrap yard on highway.
F-111B - In the Mojave Desert
EF-111A 66-0047
F-111B - ## ??
F-111B - ## ??
F-111B -### ??
Steve Bosang
Steve Bosang
Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert

Octave Chanute Aero Space Museum
Rantoul AVN Complex IL. 
(Chanute AFB?)
photo's please
photo's please
-------- F-111A 63-9767     
Restoration Starting 2002

Sheppard AFB Air Park
Sheppard AFB; Texas 
76311-5000; 817-676-2733
67-0051 is now demilled and due for transport to The Historical Aviation Mermorial Museum of Tyler Texas. (late 2003)
GF-111A 63-9773  Clark Creber
F-111A 67-0047 
Jeff Zeitvogel
67-0051 sent to
Tyler Museum
F-111A 67-0056 
Jeff Zeitvogel

Brownwood Regional Airport

Highway 183 Nth Brownwood, TX Phone: (915)643-1482

Image taken Feb 7 2004
courtesy of Ron Strong
F-111A 67-0046

Historical Aviatation  Memorial
Museum, Tyler- Texas

See gallery
Recovered from Sheppard AFB
On 30th Jan 2004
Restoration will start soon
parts needed - 2 x afterburners
, ect
F-111A 67-0051

US Space and Rockets Museum
Huntsville ALA, Alabama

Pre Production Model  F-111A


Steve Hyre
F-111A 63-9775 
Wes Lyons

Mountain Home AFB,
Idaho;83648-5000; 208-828-2111.
RF-111A 63-9776 Marked as
66-022 as a memorial to the
first combat loss.
American Legion Boulevard;
RF-111A 63-9776
RF-111A 63-9776 
F-111A 67-0058
66-0049 taken 2003
Jason Curtis
Bill Hamilton
Jason Curtis

Pima Air and Space Museum
6000 E. Valencia Road
Tuscon Arizona 85706 

68-0033 Images gallery
courtesy of Fotios Rouch
F-111E 68-0033
David Best

Battle Mountain APT, NV

Recent report says the ol girl is looking neglected and a little roughed up - flat tyres and a little damage.

F-111A 66-0012
F-111A 66-0012
Joe Arnold
Keith Bass

Nellis AFB
F-111A 67-0100
F-111A 67-0100
F-111A 67-0100
Dave Olsen
Michael Evans
Michael Evans

China Lake NAWS, CA
Not on display
Image -
Henry Blecha via Jim Rotramel
Restoration Pending
NAWS China Lake restricted
military zone.
no public display
will be used for spares
Duncan Curtis
F-111B 152715

Santa Fe Airport, NM
on display on airport public road
(Image David Riddel)
N35 37.133
W106 04.939
F-111F 70-2408

K.I.Sawyer AFB, MI
Image - 
Michael Baravetto Sep 2000.
See his website)
FB-111A 68-0239

March AFB, CA
The March Field Air Museum,
P.O. Box 6463,  March ARB, 
CA  92518
Phone (909) 697-6602
Fax:    (909) 697-6605
"Ready Teddy" 
  Restored by 
  Steve Bosang & a team of friends 
FB-111A 68-0245

South Dakota Air & Space Museum
Ellsworth AFB 
Bldg. 5208 
Rapid City, South Dakota 57706 
Phone: (605) 385-5188 -57706-5000 
 On display 
"Free For All" 
Photos- Jim Green  via Mike Kaplan
FB-111A 68-0248 

Offutt Air Museum
Stategic Air Command Museum
2510 Clay St 
Bellevue Nebraska 
68005-3933; 402-292-2001
FB-111A 68-0267
photo-by school group?

Kelly Field Heritage Museum
Kelly USA ; formerly a AFB 

TAC paint scheme ??
On display. 
2nd image by P.Bigelow  via Philippe Colin
1st image courtesy of J Zeitvogel
FB-111A 68-0275

Plattsburgh AFB
New York 
12903-5000; 518-565-5000
Plattsburgh Military Museum
380 BMW/PA; Plattsburgh AFB, New York 12903-5000
Gate Guard 
(image Philippe Colin)
FB-111A 68-0286

Wings Over the Rockies 
Air and Space Museum,
Hanger No. 1, Bldg 401,
Old Lowry AFB; 7750 E. Irvington Place; Denver - Colorado 80220-0001303-360-5360,(Fax)303-360-5328 
on display image Michael Baldock
FB-111A 68-0287

Castle AFB Museum
Atwater CA 
Castle Air Museum, 
P.O. Box 488, 
Atwater, CA 95301, 

FB-111A 69-6507
FB-111A 69-6507
Philippe Colin 
Charles Sill

Whiteman AFB, MO
Gate Guard 
photo Roger Hooker 
via Philippe Colin
photo Dean Hinther
FB-111A 69-6509

Warner Robins AFB, GA
Museum of Aviation 
P.O. Box 2469 
Warner Robins AFB 
Georgia 31099 
on display 
image Harold L. Messimer 
F-111E 68-0055
"Heart Breaker"

Hill Aerospace Museum, Utah
Hill AFB,  Utah 
on display

"My Lucky Blonde"

F-111E 68-0020

Confederate Air Force
Midland/Odessa Texas
 1st image by
Don Blanchard
GF-111E 68-0027

Dyess AFB , Abilene, Texas.
Dedication 16 July 2001

1 & 2nd image - Ed Hollyfield
3 d image - In transit USAF by 
SSgt Tracy Reisinger
F-111A 67-0057

Connecticut Air & Space Center
visit new page BALLS-9
Dick Evans
Restoration Starting 2003
Retrieved from AMARC 
July 2001.
F-111E 68-0009 

Quonset Museum
Still due to be retreived from Amarc July 2001;Image of 68-0092 at AMARC via Claude La Flamme
F-111D 68-0092 

Southern Museum of Flight
Birmingham, Alabama 
on display 

Image Mark Neville thru Mike Kaplan

F-111A 67-0069

Hawkins TX
For Sale!! see here

Turners Army Surplus
near Hooks TX 
off Interstate 30
Test Article T1
Mr Turner's 
(photos Mike Kaplan)
GF-111A 63-6789 
(mythical number)
Image - Bill Merrill
(mythical number)

Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum at Omniplex 
Oklahoma City
FB-111A 68-0263 
Ed Dixon 
William Villani

Cavanaugh Flight Museum
Addison Tx (Dallas);
The D module is on lone to the museum.The F module is with the Aircraft / Aircrew Integration Museum See Chris Woodul
images gallery

F-woodul-2-sm.jpg (3094 bytes)
F-111F 70-241
F-111F 70-2412 

Pacific Coast Air Museum
F-111D 68-0162
Yet to be refurbished. see: parts wanted'
F-111D 68-0162

United Kingdom

Imperial War Museum
RAF Duxford is also a very good website that covers aircraft on display at Duxford

F-111E 67-0120 
American Memorial 
Nose art by 
Ronald Wong
dxfd_sml.jpg (13506 bytes)
True Module Number?
Mike Kaplan

RAF Lakenheath
F-111E 68-0011 
On base painted as fictitious
F-111F 72-448
images webmaster

Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum; 11 Ninian Court 
Lochside, Dumfries 
Dumfries & Galloway DG2 9PS 
Scotland +44 (0) 1387-259546 / 256680 note - limited operating hours!
"Images Please"
"Images Please"
"Images Please"
"Images Please"
F-111E 68-0060 ?   Module only


RAAF Amberley
Ipswich, Brisbane,Qld 

Not on display but used for
the rare public display.
F-111C A8-141 
module used for PR modifed as AUP 

David de Botton
Stephen Thrum

8th Air Force Museum, Barksdale AFB (Louisiana)

Tech. Sgt Mike Kaplan 
touching up one of the two F-111s 
image - 'Observer', 26 June 1998 

68-019 module near completion image - Mike Kaplan 

Current aircraft on display include a KC-135, two B-52, and one complete FB-111A - 68-0284 & one F-111E 68-019 module 
(note reconfigured as FB-111A 68-0284)

The 8th Air Force Museum is currently looking for volunteers to assist in constructing two new galleries; 'Lt Barksdale' and 'Aerial Bombardment' due to open soon. Volunteers are also wanted for other duties ranging from tour guiding to webmastering. 

"I'm a believer in what the 8th Air Force Museum is trying to do - preserve our heritage so folks visiting can be inspired to make educated decisions today that will maintain and protect our many freedoms tomorrow." - Tech.Sgt Mike Kaplan 

Volunteers should contact: 
Buck Rigg (8th Air Force Museum Director) 456-5553

March AFB, (California)

68-0245 'Ready Teddy' after its final flight, the delivery to March AFB in July 1991. The aircraft was crewed by Capt Nelson and Major Braun. 
(image courtesy Steve Bosang)

DabestFB68-0254sml.jpg (6681 bytes) Steve Bosang is currently the maintainer of FB-111A 68-0245 'Ready Teddy'.  After eight years on display, a repaint to 'Ready Teddy'  has just completed by Steve & friends.

68-0245 cockpit
(images courtesy Steve Bosang)

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