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Last updated 20 Oct 2001

Milt Poulos's award winning F-111
Milt Poulos's award winning
Academy / Minicraft
puts out a particularly tragic 1/144 F-111E.
With a lot of patience, filler and a total rework of the radome and canopy, this kit can be turned into a good presentation piece placed on a plaque.

Stephen Thrum's F-111G
thrum.jpg (11848 bytes)
Stephen Thrum's F-111G A8-272 'Boneyard Wrangler'
built by significant reworking the Academy/Minicraft 1:144 F-111E Kit

Other 1/144 scale F-111 kits available:

# F-111 Aardvark  -      Esci
# F-111                  -   Arii
# F-111A                -   Revell
# F-111A                -   Lindberg
# F-111A                -   AMT/Ertl
# F-111C                -   Crown (I remember this one -short wing & yuk !)
# F-111E                -   Academy
# F-111E                -   Arii
# F-111E                -   Otaki
# F-111E                -   Entex

                                                                   (courtesy of Stephen Thrum)



48-aurroa-TFX-1.jpg (24615 bytes)
Aurora 1/48 TFX - F-111A (circa 1966)

48-aurroa-TFX.jpg (39550 bytes)
Aurora 1/48 TFX - F-111A (circa 1969?)

48-aurroa-F-111B.jpg (33772 bytes)Aurora 1/48 TFX - F-111B (circa 1966)


48_A_Academy.jpg (35252 bytes)

48_EF_Academy.jpg (27762 bytes)
48_C_Academy.jpg (42468 bytes)
Note the incorrect artwork which suggests the outer pylons (#2 and #7) can pivot.
48_E_Academy.jpg (32940 bytes)
Note the incorrect artwork which suggestsa non-symetrical BRU loading and AIM-9's on pylon #7.
48_F_Academy.jpg (39819 bytes)
Note the incorrect artwork which depicts the F model had long wings!
48_FB_Academy.jpg (27198 bytes)


48_A_Monogram.jpg (23613 bytes)
Monogram 1/48 F-111A

48_EF_Monogram.jpg (9168 bytes)
Monogram 1/48 EF-111A


72_C_Hasegawa.jpg (33086 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 F-111C

72_FB_Hasegawa.jpg (29339 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 FB-111A (F-111G)
72_DF_Hasegawa.jpg (24537 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 F-111D or F-111F
72_E_Hasegawa.jpg (25490 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 F-111E (or NASA)
72_EF_Hasegawa.jpg (33339 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 EF-111A
72_GF_Hasegawa.jpg (19679 bytes)
Hasegawa 1/72 F-111G (?)

Note that the box art is actually of F-111F 74-00187 with the nose artwork by Pat Eby.


72_A_Airfix.jpg (16908 bytes)
AIRFIX 1/72 F-111A (circa ?)

72_F_Airfix-1979.jpg (30487 bytes)
AIRFIX 1/72 F-111F (circa 1979)

72_E_Airfix.jpg (35486 bytes)
AIRFIX 1/72 F-111E
AIRFIX 1/72 F-111E (old packaging)


72_EF_Revell.jpg (24273 bytes)
Revell 1/72 EF-111A

72_C_Revell.jpg (51571 bytes)
Revell 1/72 F-111C (old packaging)

f111revell.jpg (89425 bytes)

f111revell-side.jpg (28303 bytes)

f111revell-side2.jpg (16026 bytes)

Revell 1/72 F-111A or B  (old packaging)(thanks to Julian)

144_C_Revell.jpg (21142 bytes)
Revell 1/144 F-111C


144_C_Crown.jpg (28226 bytes)
Crown 1/144 F-111C


72_Mpc-old.jpg (19955 bytes)

MPC 1/72 F-111 (1966 kit?)

MPC 1/144 F-111


72_F_AMT.jpg (34713 bytes)
AMT 1/72 F-111F


f111esci.jpg (51047 bytes)
f111esci-side.jpg (27884 bytes)
ESCI 1/72 F-111A (thanks Julian)

72_EF_ESCI.jpg (18441 bytes)
ESCI 1/72 EF-111A


48_E_Zhengdefu.jpg (20615 bytes)
Zhengdefu 1/48 F-111E


144_E-TFX-entex.jpg (16821 bytes)
Entex 1/144 F-111E (TFX)


135-lindberg.jpg (15091 bytes)
Lindberg 1/135 F-111A (note it looks like a F-111B!)

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Nick Kingham [] has provided the following info:
Nick is a hobby shop owner ; Hobbyco

Revell 1/72nd scale F-111  (Prototype)     Unavailable since 1993
        Australian price about $16.95

   Moving tails, wings, detachable crew survival capsule, undercarriage
raises and lowers. Real hard kit to build properly. I made one in 1991.

Monogram 1/48th F-111A                     Unavailable since 1993
        Australian Price about $23.95

   Not a bad kit. Has some fit problems with the canopy and nosecone. I
made one in 1989. Moving wings & tail (I think with the tail)

Academy Minicraft F-111A / C / E / FB-111  Real hard to get in Aust.

        1/48th Scale. Australian Price about $47.50

   Includes an Australian -C, and the FB. Never made one. Has a gear
system so when you move the wings the tanks point forwards, which I have
never heard of anyone getting to work. Normal suggestion : Leave gears out.

Hasegawa F-111A / C / EA / FB   1/72nd Scale   Sort of hard to get
        Australian Price about $25.00 while importer clears stocks.
        Normal price is $44.95 with the EF and $65 for no good reason.
Matt Donaldson adds the following...
The 1/72 AMT/Ertl kit   was released about '92 or '93. Markings as I recall were for the 495TFS/48TFW Lakenheath.The kit contained the GBU-28 and had the Canopy that was precut and gave a choice of either open or closed. I think it is still available if you look hard enough and retailed for about $AUD20. I don't know how the kit built up as I ended up losing the damn thing. Dimensions looked about right and the moulding was crisp without flash on the sprues.

Some produced kits...

Milt Poulos (IPMS 32397) has a picture of his 1/48 Academy F-111G from the 98 IPMS Nationals at

The kit took 1st place in 1/48 jet catagory.
Milt writes:
"I used the FB-111 kit added the Verlinden cockpit and Paragon afterburner cans.    I put 24 Hasegawa Mk-82 bombs and MERS . I also added Eduards interior and exterior sets and used a mix of Superscale decals to get the correct numbers and tail codes. I scatchbuilt the startracker fairing in front of the windsceen also. The model has been retired from competition but won several best of shows and a lot of attention from modellers in general."

Milt requires one Verlinden 473 set.  Can anyone help?

Ron Vanderwalker and Don Hay

Julián (
adds this information on other kits:

Airfix F-111E and ESCI F-111A. I don't' remember if ESCI made other versions but I've got that kit and it's very good too. If I recall it well it was released at the same time (more or less) that the Hasegawa series. The Airfix kit is older, dating from the late 70s or early 80s. I made that kit too when it was released, and, although not perfect, it was fairly good for its time (may be the fuselage was a bit on the narrow side).

The old 1/72 Revell (I think it dates back from the 60s) kit is really exciting. Not by its accuracy or easy construction but by its "naive" approach. Wheels rotate, landing gear operates (yeah...... you can "extend" and "retract" it - and it works like the real thing), the escape module is detachable, and you can remove the nose cone to see the radar-antena. Moreover you can build the A (prototype) or the B model. No weapons though.
The ESCI kit, as you can see, is from ESCI-ERTL, so may be the AMT-ERTL F and the ESCI-ERTL A have common origins. I've taken a look at the kit and I believe it's quite possible to issue an F  from this moulds. The pieces to be modified are separate, so it might be possible. Anyway I've never heard this modification been made. Crisp mouldings and nice detail. Detailed cockpit and undercarraige, 8 bombs and 2 ECM pods, 2 decal options. It seems to be a good kit. Not to Hasegawa standard but 1/3 the price. In fact I plan to use its wings on the Hasegawa model.

Recommended Kits (particularly for the aussies)

General consensus states that the Recommended Kits are:

Hasegawa FB-111A (1/72) [this comes with flaps, slats and external fuel tanks] and,

Minicraft / Academy FB-111A (1/48)

The Hasegawa FB-111A can be built using the provided decals in the kit to one of three models:
68-0247 "TIGER MEET" 393rd Bomb Squadron 509th Bomb Wing (with yellow/black stripped tail);
68-0269 "NEW HAMPSHIRE SPECIAL" 393rd Bomb Squadron 509th Bomb Wing; and
68-0239 "ROUGH NIGHT" 380th Bomb Wing.

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