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F-111E 68-0033

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Images courtesy of Fotios Rouch, 68-0033 is pictured here on display at Pima Museum
access-hatch bomb-bay-detail-1 bomb-bay-detail-2 bomb-bay-detail-3 bomb-bay-doors-right-1 bomb-bay-doors-right-2
bomb-bay-forward-area-cross-stich-1 bomb-bay-forward-area-cross-stich-2 bomb-bay-looking-back-1 bomb-bay-looking-back-2 bomb-bay-looking-forward-1 bomb-bay-looking-forward-2
bomb-bay-looking-forward-3 cameras cameras-2 canopy-side-1 elevators exhaust-fuel-dump
exhausts-rear exhausts-side-view exhausts-side-view-2 front-landing-gear-1- front-wheel-bay front-wheel-well-1
front-wheel-well-2 intake-detail-2 intake-detail-blow-in1 intake-side-view-1 intakes-1 intakes-2
main-landing-gear-1 main-landing-gear-2 main-landing-gear-3 main-landing-gear-4 main-landing-gear-door main-wheel-bay-1
main-wheel-bay-3 metal-tones pylons-1 pylons-2 rear-view-1 right-trpl-plow
tail-top-ecm tail_view view - July_20_85 view- July_20_84 view-1 view-2
view-3 view-4 wing-canvas-joint wing-tip-bottom----X wing-tip-top  

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