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FB-111A / F-111G 68-0274 / A8-274

A short pictorial history...

FB-111A 68-0274 380th BW, 1981
(photo courtesy of Peter Davies F-111 Aardvark)

FB-111A assignment history:
04 DEC 70: 340th BMG, Carswell AFB TX  (8 DEC 70 - Don Logan's F-111 Aardvark)
19 FEB 71: 509th BMW, Pease AFB NH
19 JUL 72: 380th BMW, Plattsburgh AFB NY
28 DEC 72: 509th BMW, Pease AFB NH
Also the 380th Bomb Wing and Det 3  431st TES at McClellan AFB.

Aircraft tail #: 68-0274
Aircraft name/nose art: 'Laggin' Dragon
'.  Also named 'Missouri Miss' by SAC
Predecessor: B-29A S/N 44-86347
509th Composite Group (VH)
Aircraft Commander: Capt. Edward M. Costello
393rd Bombardment Squadron
Aircraft Squadron number: 95
Ship number: 46
B-29 history:
Omaha/Martin-built B-29-50-MO series aircraft.
Experienced frequent mechanical difficulties, aborts and often came in last or late. Hence the name Laggin' Dragon; christened by the aircraft commander.
Nov. 1, 1945: Redeployed to Roswell, NM for Operation Crossroads (first post-war atomic tests).

FB-111A highlights:

19 APR 71 Reached the FB-111 milestone of 90, 000 flying hours.
Crew: Capt Hugh Sims and Lt. Col. Bob Voelker
28 MAY to 14 SEP 71 Depot repair of cowl beam lug.
19-27 OCT 82 CEVG route survey
NOV 82 Numerous off-station training missions.
4-7 JUN 83 Red Flag, Nellis AFB NV.
19-20 APR 84 Diverted to Mountain Home AFB, ID due to engine problems.
28 APR to 11 MAY 84 Maple Flag, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.
25 NOV-4 JUN 86 Programmed depot maintenance.
9-11 JUN 86 Depot Field Team for TCTO 1318.
04 OCT 86 Class B ground mishap. Cartridge exploded during alert engine start
exercise, causing severe damage to the left overwing fairing area. Aircraft repaired locally in 25 days; flew Code One on first sortie after repair.
24 JAN to 16 MAR 88 (estimated) Programmed depot maintenance, AMP upgrade.
Crew Chief: Sgt. Mike Hamilton
Assistant crew chiefs: A1C Jim Bonno and A1C Ken Young

FB-68-274 FB-68-274

Photos by Don Logan at Offutt AFB,
Nebraska on 13  July 1980.

SAC FB-111A 68-0274 in 'Dark Vark' scheme.
(image courtesy of Philippe Colin of )

When modified to F-111G status, 68-0274 was transfered to the 428th TFS at Cannon AFB to serve as a training aircraft for new F-111 crews. 

The F-111G had a total of 6056.3 USAF flight hours when sold to Australia as A8-274.
Arrived at Amberley on 6 December 1993.

Dump and Burn A8-274 was used regularily in Air Displays during 1997-98.  The aircraft was crewed  by FLTLT Schneider and FLTLT Ferguson of 6SQN.

(photos by Dave Riddel and Sasha)
A8-274 AirshowA8-274 Airshow A8-274_ted
F-111G CAS Pictured during EX TANDEM THRUST a joint US-AUSTRALIAN exercise in 1997.  The F-111G aircraft performed the role of Close Air Support - a far cry from the Nuclear Strike role of their previous life!

(photos by Dave Riddel)

F-111G Mk-82 LDGP

F-111G A8-274 on roll out for post depot level servicing maintenance test flight July 1999.
(photos by 'Quiggy' and Lenn Bayliss)

A8-274-60th-left A8-274-60th-static A8-274-60th-tow-2 A8-274-60th-right.gif



Completed major scheduled servicing at the end of July 1999. 
Painted with tail art commemorating the 60th Anniversary of 6SQN Royal Australian Air Force since reforming in 1939 at the beginning of World War 2.
6SQN was originally formed in as 6SQN Australian Flying Corps in France 1917 during World War 1.
Currently in flying status with 6SQN, 82WG RAAF Amberley.
A8-274-GBU-12 A8-274-GBU-12
A8-274 loaded with GBU-12 LGBs in the morning mist.

For the modellers:

Aussie Decals now produces 1/48 and 1/72 decal sheets featuring the tailart above.


info sources include:
Don Logan's F-111 Aardvark reference book,
20 May 1988 issue of SEACOAST FLYER, page 11
(courtesy of Curt Lenz at ) LOGO


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